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Annabel's x Gymkhana

An Indian Summer Evening with Michelin-starred Gymkhana

In September, Annabel's celebrated the Indian Summer with chefs from Michelin starred Mayfair restaurant, Gymkhana who took over the Annabel’s kitchen for one night only. Bringing the flavours of the Orient to the Club, Gymkhana offered a unique and delectable Indian dining experience at Annabel's.

A few moments with Gymkhana's Karam Sethi

What dish best sums up the Gymkhana experience?

Our main focus at Gymkhana has always been to provide authentic Indian food using British ingredients (there’s no holding back on the spice). However, very closely linked to that is the atmosphere at Gymkhana, which we had spent designing to feel like the Indian gymkhana clubs that were around during the time of the Raj, where people would come to drink,dine,play sport and socialise. The Venison Keema Naan I think embodies this – an Indian classic, combined with British meat, that is perfect for sharing.

What do you best enjoy about Mayfair?

The multi cultural vibe and characters you find around Mayfair are always interesting, the place is always evolving . You’ll find people from all walks of life and there is an air of class and luxury wherever you go.

How has Indian food changed over time?

I think Indian food has changed dramatically over recent years, particularly in London. With travel to Asia much more accessible, westerner’s palettes have widened and people look to enjoy more authentic dishes. In turn, restaurants have become more confident in showing off regional dishes that would have seemed too unusual several years ago.

What food do you enjoy cooking the most?

It’s got to be Asian food. There are such a variety of punchy spices, aromatic flavours and ingredients involved.

Which ingredient when cooking do you find the most surprising?

I think Onions are underrated – they have such a depth of flavour, which can change depending on how long you cook them for. I don’t think I could think of another ingredient that is so multifunctional.

What are you most excited about (food and restaurant wise) in London at the moment?

London is an exciting place right now for restaurant’s from around the world and the variety of cuisines the capital offers is incredible. I’m particularly excited about Kiln, the new restaurant from the guys behind Smoking Goat opening next month, Yosma a new Turkish-style restaurant opening around the corner from our first restaurant, Trishna, and of course Bao in Fitzrovia our new Taiwanese restaurant.