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In High Spirits

Mickael Perron, the award-winning Bar Manager at Annabel’s, was once told in passing by a Member that his favourite spirit was Le Voyage de Delamain – a beautiful and extremely rare cognac that is remarkably niche when compared to powerhouse brands such as Hennessy and Remy Martin.

“When you go that high in the spirit world, there is very limited availability” says Mickael, “However we had one bottle sourced and waiting for that Member when he next visited the Club”.

This is just one small anecdote that goes some way to explaining Annabel’s reputation as one of London’s most revered and prestigious members clubs, famed for its outstanding collection of expertly sourced rare spirits and its team of infinitely knowledgeable bartenders.

Indeed, the well-stocked glistening shelves of the Annabel’s Bar are a mesmerising sight to behold. Over ten premium brands of vodka sit alongside bottles of the world’s finest whiskies (sourced as far afield as Japan), rich caramel hues of Jamaican and South American rum, and countless blends of fine cognacs, from Martell’s L’Or and Cordon Bleu, to Remy Martin’s fabulous top cuvee, Louis XIII, and Hennessy, with all it’s premier expressions. “We’ve just finished the Hennessy Ellipse, which was unbelievable,” says Mickael. “It’s a limited edition so once the bottles are finished, that’s it. You are drinking a piece of history.”

This history extends to the depths of the Annabel’s cellar, where some truly magnificent bottles of vintage spirits are housed alongside the Birley Group’s renowned wine collections. The majority of these rare spirits, which include a 1955 Glenfarcas Scotch, have been purchased at various stages over the course of the Club’s fifty-year history.

It was in celebration of this 50th anniversary in 2013 that Annabel’s sourced several 1963 vintage spirits, including a Glenmorangie Scotch Whisky and two exquisite collections of Darroze and Delord Armagnacs, distilled in 1963 and bottled especially for the Club. Mickael cites this as yet just another example of the attention to detail that makes the Bar at Annabel’s truly unique: “We have pretty much every category of fine spirit to satisfy our Members, and the range that we stock is astounding. From the very rare and valuable, to the more simple classics, we can provide whatever our Members want – and we pride ourselves on knowing their tastes.”