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​The Alba Truffle
The Diamonds of the Food World

Prick up your ears (and nose!) around the end of September, and you will notice a scurried frenzy settle over London’s erstwhile-cool food scene.

It’s not the hangover from fashion week, nor the ramping up of activity pre-festive period - it’s the beginning of truffle season, which marks two-three months of unadulterated bliss for both chefs and gourmands alike.

Annabel’s will be celebrating their arrival with a Champagne and porcini risotto, finished with a bounty of white truffles and a classic linguini dish. For a late night snack, the kitchen will be cooking fried guinea fowl eggs with white truffle and sourdough, adding “comfort food simply does not get any better than this”.

The truffle season lasts from the first crop to Piedmont’s first frost. Only nature decides when that delivery reaches the kitchen door (although our bet is on late October). You don’t need a date — ripe, creamy and wonderfully pungent — you’ll be able to smell this arrival from the minute you walk down the stairs.

Article by Amy Grier