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"This is the Age of Aquarius"
with Shelley von Strunckel

April 2016

What’s behind the dramatic changes currently reshaping today’s world? According to leading Astrologer, Shelley von Strunckel, it’s the Aquarian Age. Shelley joined us at Annabel’s for an evening of revelation. Considered a voice of reason in an often confusing field, Shelley speaks frequently, combining astrology’s insights with her own business background to explain those powerful shifts - personally, politically, financially, socially and spiritually. She’ll take us from the past, through today and into the future, and says understanding is the key to turning the current chaos to your advantage.

Here's a short interview with Shelley :

We enjoy reading your astrology columns. We catch the Evening Standard often and reading your Sunday Times column is part of our weekend ritual, and you’re usually right. However, you say you’ll be telling us about the changes going on in the world. Can you do that with astrology?

Yes, I’m going way beyond talking about the day, week or even the month to come. And I’ll be going beyond star signs, too.

I’ll explain what’s behind the rapid, exciting but often unsettling events that are reshaping our world, from finances to politics, and our personal lives, too. While some of these are exciting and are freeing us to live and work in new ways, others are puzzling – and some are worrying.

These are all part of the new era that began in 2000; you have probably heard of the Aquarian Age – well, it’s happening.

I’ll describe the changes it’s already triggered, which explains a lot of the craziness in the world today, why certain areas, such as technology, are thriving, while elements of the financial world are in such disarray.

So is this about predicting what will happen?

Yes. I’ll discuss where these changes are going and how each individual, and company, can under-stand and take advantage of them.

Yes, once you understand the nature and direction of these changes, you can work with them. However, it’s not about a single change or a single year. The cycle of change began in the early 1900’s they’ll continue for a long time yet.

If these big changes are coming, what can we do about them?

This isn’t just about events. It’s about us shifting, become savvier, more clever in our reaction to radical and sometimes overnight changes. This is partly about being well-informed. But also, taking advantage of this dynamic period also means re-educating yourself, learning to look at life more creatively and, equally, to use new tools, for personal wellbeing and to help create a new world, together. It’s do-able. Really. And I’ll explain how.