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Annabel's Summer Travel Collection


We are thrilled to have worked with Misela to produce the first accessory collection for our Annabel’s Members, a brand that has chosen our beloved Mayfair as the location for their first UK based store. Misela have created a unique, sophisticated and fun selection of products for you, our Members to enjoy at home in London or when they are away for your travels this year.

Yours sincerely,

Astrid Harbord


To celebrate the start of the summer, Annabel’s have collaborated with luxury accessories brand Misela, to create a limited-edition Travel Collection available exclusively to Members. The collection marks Annabel’s first accessory collaboration featuring a range of beautiful products including beach totes, pochettes, clutches and cosmetic cases.

Based just around the corner on Mount Street, Misela’s dynamic and contemporary luxury brand reflects a way of living that connects art, design and lifestyle, areas that Annabel’s also celebrates and offers to Members. The collaboration showcases an elegant design with a white and gold colourway perfect for the summer and beyond. The stylish product selection features items fit for multiple occasions with an inherent passion for travel and adventure for Annabel’s Members to enjoy this summer.



If Members would like to purchase a piece from this exclusive collection, please visit the


109 Mount St, Mayfair, London W1K 2TR

and present your Annabel's Membership card. Alternatively, Members are welcome to call the Mayfair Boutique on +44 20 8127 1510 and cite your Membership number.


I am so excited to be working with Annabel's - my neighbour in London and a place that I have been frequenting since opening my store. The collaboration is a perfect fit for the brands - something fun and fabulous!

Serra Türker, Founder Misela​


We sit down with Serra Turker, found and creative director of luxury accessories brand Misela



Founder and creative director, Serra Türker was born and raised in Istanbul. After she graduated from the Rhode Island School of design, she knew she wanted to pursue her passion for colour, texture and design. Inspired by the rich history of Istanbul, Turker blended the eastern and western aspects of art, design and lifestyle that she had encountered on her journey between Instanbul and New York and launched Misela in 2008.


The Annabel’s x Misela Travel Collection items feature a white and gold colourway paying homage to the gold gilding that features throughout the Annabel’s Club. A white stitching encases each bag item lining the products with a light, bright border. Every product is embroidered with the iconic Annabel’s logo in gold, making it truly unique to this collaboration.

Q&A with Serra Türker

A: What is the process of making the bags, we know you make everything in house, what does that look like and why is it important to you?

S: I maintain a small production team to ensure the highest of quality in the pieces and collections I create. I’m very hands-on in the process. My ethos is to create classic timeless pieces. I’m not driven by trends, I like to create timeless pieces that are built to last.

A: Who is the Misela customer?

S: She is a strong independent woman, who is extremely cultured, well travelled and her own distinct style, which is why the bespoke arm of my business is so popular. I am always inspired by my Misela customers.

A: Why did you choose to collaborate with Annabel’s, what does The Club mean to you?

S: Wherever I venture, I always endeavour to get to the heart of where I am. I ask, what is at the core of a city or place whether it be history culture. Annabel’s is that place in London for me. You are also surrounded by like-minded creatives and entrepreneurs in The Club. It’s very representative of the melting pot of creativity which London is. I really feel a synergy with my Misela customer and Annabel's Members, both are inspiring and accomplished.

A: Finally, this is a summer collection, where will you be taking your Annabel’s x Misela summer collection this year and what are your top summer get away recommendations?

S: This summer I will be exploring the Greek islands, which I never tire of. One of my favourite islands is Spetses. I love exploring the old tavernas, the stunning scenery and of course the food!

Named after Serra and her two sisters, Mina and Lara, Misela's three crescents represent each sister and highlight one of the brand's core values, family.


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