Wellness Wednesdays

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Throughout the year we invite leaders in the wellness industry to The Club to talk to you, our Members, about a variety of topics relating to living well for the mind, body and soul. May saw us kick-start the series with expert dietitian Louise Parker.

June sees the second instalment in our Wellbeing Wednesdays monthly series where we welcome award-winning, freelance beauty journalist and consultant Olivia Falcon to The Club for a month-long residency in The Elephant Room where she will be sharing some top tips and insight into the often confusing world of cosmetic beauty.

Kick-starting Wellness Wednesdays, expert dietitian Louise Parker...

8.30am Arrivals, 9am Start

Wellness with Louise Parker

The Elephant Room Throughout May

Wellbeing expert and author of three bestselling books, Louise Parker kicks off our Wellness Wednesdays series in The Elephant Room. Passionate about ending dieting and resetting lifestyles, Louise and her team coach wellbeing transformations with expert 1:1 coaching for clients worldwide.

Every Wednesday morning throughout May, Louise and her team of expert dietitians will be on hand offering complimentary consultations for Members including individual body analysis using scientific bio-electrical body composition analysis machines, just step on and the machine will do the rest! Louise and her team will also offer advice on how to Eat Beautifully, Workout Intelligently, Think Successfully and Live Well.


Wellness Wednesdays with Louise Parker | Every Wednesday Throughout May

8.30am Arrivals | 9am - 9.30am Talk

9.45am - 11am Individual 1:1 Consultations

Every Wednesday morning, throughout May, Louise and her team of expert nutritionists will be on hand in The Elephant Room offering complimentary individual consultations and advice on how to Eat Beautifully, Workout Intelligently, Think Successfully and Live Well.

Wednesday, 22nd May 2019: The LPM Wheel of Life

How to take lasting action
Achieve more by doing less
Beat your obstacle course
Know and own your priorities
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Wednesday, 29th May 2019: Goal setting without limits

Be productive and achieve your goals

Understand your comfort zone, stretch zone and panic zone
Mental toughness – accept the challenge
Reinvent your goals: Schedule, Organise, Commit
Don’t stop until the magic happens
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Throughout June | The Elephant Room | 8.30am Arrivals, 9am Start

Affectionately known as the ‘oracle of cosmetic beauty’ and founder of The Editor’s List, award-winning freelance beauty journalist and consultant Olivia Falcon joins us throughout June for the second instalment of our Wellness Wednesdays series in the Elephant Room. As the former beauty director of Tatler and architect of both Tatler’s Cosmetic Surgery Guide and Bride’s Cosmetic Beauty Guide, Olivia is widely considered as a leading authority on the beauty industry’s top cosmetic practitioners and procedures worldwide.


Wellness Wednesdays with Olivia Falcon | Throughout June

8.30am Arrivals | 9am - 9.45am Talk

9.45am - 11am Individual 1:1 Consultations

Olivia will be on hand each week for 1:1 consultations where she will offer discreet and expert advice on everything from the latest facelift and body contouring techniques, hormone therapies, laser and injectable treatments to the most effective cures for hair loss, broken veins, or bad British teeth!

Thursday, 6th June 2019: Beauty Editors’ Skin Secrets

Olivia Falcon will be joined by top journalist and creator of thetweakmentsguide.com, Alice-Hart Davis to discuss how to refresh your looks without going under the knife. Discussing everything from hi-tech facials and needle based treatments to peels, lasers and everything in between, this is the insider guide to looking your very best. Olivia will be offering one to one personal skin care consults and Alice will be signing some copies of her book and giving expert advice.
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Wednesday, 12th June 2019: How Healthy Are You?

Come and join Beauty Expert Olivia Falcon and Dr Sabine Donnai, Founder of VIAVI, the UK’s leading health management clinic. Dr Donnai is a global authority on integrated health management and preventative medicine and will be discussing everything from brain health: how to avoid cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s, How to avoid becoming ill from the toxic world we live in, sleep better and age well. Dr Donnai and her crack team will be bringing the latest hi-tech equipment to test body composition, antioxidant screening, computerised movement analysis and fitness scores. Olivia will be offering one-to-one consults on how to look younger with the latest cosmetic procedures and products.
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Wednesday, 19th June 2019: The Ultimate Bikini Body Guide

Olivia will be joined by master body sculpting surgeon Mr Olivier Amar, who is renowned for his body perfecting procedures and London’s leading Cosmetic Dr Rita Rakus who has the inside track on non-invasive treatments to lift the butt, increase the thigh gap, boost the bust and cinch waistlines. Whether you’re looking for the perfect hourglass figure, to slim down or trim up, this talk will cover all the very latest options to get you ready to slip into your swimsuit. All the experts will be on hand after the talk to offer personal consults.
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Wednesday, 26th June 2019: How to Freshen up your Face

Mr Rajiv Grover, the UK’s leading facelift surgeon and Dr Maryam Zamani, oculoplastic surgeon and creator of the MZ Skincare range will join Olivia to discuss facelifts versus non-invasive facial treatments, covering all concerns from how to brighten tired eyes to smoothing your jawline and neck, this is the definitive guide to looking fresh faced and fabulous with traceless procedures that your friends will never know about.
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