A Private Club

In its home at 46 Berkeley Square, just two doors down from where it all began in 1963, Annabel’s has been transformed into an all-day and all-night private Members’ Club.

At its core, Annabel’s remains a place to entertain and be entertained. With a timeless combination of comfort, glamour and intimacy, The Club continually strives to create an atmosphere that is as unforgettable and celebratory as ever for a diverse, eclectic and cosmopolitan membership.

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Please note - applicants are reminded that this form and contact is the only valid and accepted avenue to apply for an Annabel’s Membership. We do not offer memberships through any third parties.

The Members

The Membership of Annabel’s is made up of a hand-picked alchemy of like-minded people who share a passion for the best things in life. It brings together a diverse mix of interesting and dynamic people from different worlds, both new and established.

Rules & Byelaws

The mutual enjoyment of The Club by all of its Members is central to The Club's existence. For guidance, The Club's code of conduct is found in the Rules & Byelaws which all Members and their guests are expected to follow. Click here for further information.

Dress Code

The Club's Dress Code does not wish to be binding or overly prescriptive, however we do politely ask our Members and their guests dress up for the occasion, and be respectful in their choice of smart attire. Please review the following guidelines to ensure that you and your guests are appropriately dressed for your visit to Annabel’s.


• Jeans may be worn, if in a solid colour.

• Linen suiting may be worn, but must be freshly pressed.

• A round neck t-shirt is permitted, if worn with a tailored jacket.

• Tailored shorts may be worn for ladies, however denim/linen shorts or hotpants may not.

• Leather and denim jackets are permitted, provided they are in good repair.

• Trainers and sneakers are permitted, provided they are in good repair. Trainers that appear to be worn for exercise are not suitable for wearing in the Club.


• Shorts are not permitted for men.

• Ripped jeans are not permitted.

• Sportswear and gym wear are not acceptable, unless you are attending a pre-booked fitness event.

• Sports caps, baseball caps and flat caps are not permitted, however trilby style hats may be worn.

• Flip flops/flat sandals are not permitted.

• Excessive displays of skin are not permitted.

Our reception team reserve the right to turn away Members and their guests if they are deemed to be unsuitably dressed. Gentleman are required to wear a jacket/blazer at all times after 6pm, unless on the dancefloor. If wearing linen this should be freshly pressed.

We understand that on weekends the Club becomes a family friendly space, however we would request that all children and teenagers are attired appropriately in line with the dress code above.

Any Member or guest who, in theory, complies with our dress code but may not be sufficiently well-presented, could be refused entry to the Club. Management reserves the right to refuse admission to any party deemed to be unsuitably dressed.

Members are kindly advised that due to limited space in the cloakroom we are unable to accept and store suitcases, bikes, foldable bikes, scooters and any other large objects.


How To Join

If you would like to register your interest in Membership to Annabel's, please apply online here or alternatively email or telephone +44 (0)20 7629 2350


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