The Basement

The Nightclub &
The Jungle Bar

The Club

A seductive subterranean paradise

As the world’s most famous Nightclub, Annabel’s iconic dance floor and DJ booth have been re-imagined in a new and expanded space to create The Nightclub. Late night dinner and dancing lives on in a new subterranean home where every corner and surface have been embellished with exquisite textures, patterns and intricate detailing influenced by Wenzel Peter’s, The Garden of Eden.

The Nightclub and its adjoining Jungle Bar are homages to the exotic. Wall coverings, fabrics and furnishings feature animal prints, vast jungle foliage, colourful rare birds and iridescent lizards that come to life within hand-painted mirrored glass walls. In The Nightclub, glass and brass sprung palm trees vibrate to the music and cluster around a hydraulic dance floor that can sink to a lower level or be raised to a stage for intimate performances. Everything comes together to create a decadent paradise in which to entertain and be entertained inside the Club.

The Nightclub and The Jungle Bar are open Tuesday to Saturday from 7pm - 10pm


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